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Knowledge Products

  1. Critical Video Engagements: Empathy, Subjectivity and Changing Narratives of Water Resources through Participatory Video
  2. Social Outreach in Higher Education: Knowledge Paper by FICCI Taskforce, 2017
  3. Guidelines for Universities Engaging in Social Responsibility
  4. Epistemologies of the South: Justice against Epistemicide
  5. GUNi World Report on Higher Education 7: Humanities and Higher Education: Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities
  6. GUNi World Report on Higher Education 6: Towards a Socially Responsible University; Balancing the Global with the Local
  7. GUNi World Report 5: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change
  8. Book on ‘Knowledge & Engagement: Building Capacity for the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers
  9. Training the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers: A Guide for Trainers
  10. Training in Community Based Research: Annonated Bibliography
  11. Resource Guide for Video Collection of Training in Community Based Research
  12. Governance and Citizenship
    Final Report
  13. Indigenous People and Perspectives in Latin America Final Report
  14. Asset-based development Final Report
  15. Water Governance Final Report
  16. Indigenous Research Methodologies Final Report
  17. ‘User’s Manual on Institutionalizing Community University Research Partnerships’
  18. E-book: Strengthening Community University Research Partnerships: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES
  19. Global trends in training Community-Based Research (CBR) in Higher Educational Institutions and Civil Society Organizations: Survey Results, July 2015
  20. IDRC Survey Results 2014


General Resources

  1. Common Cause Research: Building Research Collaborations between Universities and Black and Minority Ethnic communities
  2. Connected Communities Foundation Series
  3. Update on the establishment of K4C hubs
  4. Promoting fair and equitable research partnerships to respond to global challenges Research findings September 2018
  5. Rethinking Research Collaboration in Response to Global Challenges
  6. Civil Society Impact 2018
  7. Knowledge Democracy-v-3.0
  8. Catalyst for Sustainability: Case Study of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation
  9. Catalyst for Sustainability: The Achievements, Challenges, Lessons and Prospects of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation
  10. Maximizing the Capacities of Advanced Education Institutions to Build Social Infrastructure for Canadian Communities
  11. Catalyst for Sustainability: The Achievements, Challenges, Lessons and Prospects of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation Full Report
  12. Review of Strengthening Community University Research Partnerships: Global Perspectives by Brianna Strumm, Carleton University
  13. Community Engagement as a Way Forward for Sustainable Rural Societies
  14. Adult Education Centres as a key to development – challenges and success factors
  15. Knowledge for Change (K4C) Flyer
  16. Book Review: Strengthening Community University Research Perspectives
  17. Gauging the Impact of Community University Engagement Initiatives in India
  18. Veracruz Declaration, June 2017
  19. Nurturing Community University Engagement
  20. Community Engagement: A Critical Guide
  21. Recommendations for the New Education Policy, 2017, India
  22. Collaboration agreement between University of Sassari & Community
  23. The Centrality of Engagement in Higher Education
  24. Community Engagement Competencies for Graduate and Professional Students
  25. Discussion Guide for Departments and Colleges
  26. The Engagement Exchange
  27. University Grants Commission (UGC) to establish Centre for Fostering Social Responsibility and Community Engagement (CFSRCE) in Universities
  28. PRIA Engagement with Higher Educational Institutions
  29. From Ivory Tower to Public Square: Democracy and the Engaged University, Dr Andrew Petter
  30. Universities, civil society and the global agenda of community-engaged research, Dr Alan Bourke
  31. Jamia Millia Islamia: A partner in the fostering of social responsibility
  32. Canadian Community Based Research Centres
  33. CBR Network Resource Guide
  34. Enhancing North-South Co-operation in Community University Engagement
  35. CONCORDAT For Engaging the Public with Research
  36. Inspiration to Engage

Event Reports

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