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K4C Hubs

Canada K4C Hub
University of Victoria, Salish Sea
Location: Canada

The Salish Sea Hub is a partnership between the University of Victoria (Faculty of Social Science and Office of the Vice President Research), the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and the Victoria Foundation, which offers training and expertise in Community-based Participatory Research to local community organizations, First Nations and public/private institutions. The Hub, officially launched in 2019, is an exciting new initiative connected to the UNESCO Chair in Community-based Research Knowledge 4 Change Global Consortium.

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India K4C Hub
Manipal University, Jaipur
Location: India

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) was launched in 2011 on an invitation from the Government of Rajasthan, as a self-financed State University. MUJ has redefined academic excellence in the region, with the Manipal way of learning; one that inspires students of all disciplines to learn and innovate through hands on practical experience.

MUJ boasts of best-in-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art research facilities and a modern, digital library. Providing quality education to its students, the campus uses the latest in technology to impart education.

The MUJ K4C hub has partnered with the Jain Social Group (Central Sanstha) and Chahat (Women’s welfare foundation).

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India K4C Hub
Raipur, Chhatisgarh
Location: India

This focus of this Raipur, Chhatisgarh, hub is to advance the agenda of community based participatory research (CBPR) in the broad framework of supporting sustainable development goals (SDG) surrounding gender and inequality. The K4C certified mentors associated with this hub have already completed 21 weeks Mentor Training Program (MTP), including 2 weeks of a face-to-face component conducted in 2017 in PRIA, New Delhi and in 2018 in University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The hub partners with the State Planning Commission, Government of India, Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, and PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia).

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Malaysia K4C Hub
Location: Malaysia

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has been acknowledged by UNESCO as the preferred university for community engagement, and is now the hub for the Knowledge for Change (K4C) consortium for training in community based research.

USM has always utilized a unique and engaging approach to education, moving away from traditional faculty systems, and towards innovative techniques. Key aim of this K4C hub is to deliver a curriculum of sustainable development goals in the topics of education, environment, health, and youth. Throughout a three-phase development plan, the hub looks to design not just community based participation, but nation-building participatory engagement.

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